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same as Cover Condition OR Time 03:15. If you find any misleading or non-reproducible content then please inform us at Liked the article? RSI(17) 75 AND ADX(14) 25, short Condition, rSI(17) 25 AND ADX(14) 25, sell Condition. Additional Amibroker settings mitä tapahtuu, jos ihmiset rahaa bitcoin ulos for backtesting Goto Symbol Information, and specify the lot size and margin requirement.

Stop Loss.5, targets, no fixed target, Stop and reverse when AFL gives opposite signal. SetOption( "AllowPositionShrinking True BuyPriceOpen; SellPriceOpen; ShortPriceOpen; CoverPriceOpen; _N(Title StrFormat name - interval date Open g, Hi g, Lo g, Close g (.1f) values O, H, L, C Plot( Close, "Price colorWhite, styleCandle rsiperiods17; adxperiods14; BuyRSI(rsiperiods) 75 AND ADX(adxperiods) 25; ShortRSI(rsiperiods) 25 AND ADX(adxperiods) 25 ;. Equity Curve This strategy has a very smooth and linear equity curve with minimum drawdowns. Position Size 150 (fixed) or 80 of equity (as per your risk appetite). Initial Equity 200000, brokerage 50 per order, margin 10, aFL Code / / / Formula Name: Nifty Intraday Strategy using RSI and ADX / Author/Uploader: Trading Tuitions / E-mail: / Website: m / _section_begin Nifty Intraday Strategy SetTradeDelays( 1, 1, 1, 1 SetOption( "InitialEquity 200000. All the positions would be squared off at the end of day. Buy when RSI crosses upper limit and Sell when RSI crosses lower limit.

This strategy uses RSI and ADX combination to find Buy/Sell opportunities. ADX would be used as a trend identifier while taking Buy/Sell decisions. The below screenshot shows lot size of 75 and margin requirement of 10 for NSE Nifty: Disclaimer: All the AFLs posted in this section are for learning purpose. Share on Facebook Share on Google). Another is position size as a percentage of Equity. One is using fixed position size of 150. Trading Tuitions does not necessarily own these AFLs and we dont have any intellectual property rights on them. Just give it a try Moral of the Story: Your strategy need not to be complex and lengthy to be extremely profitable, Paramter Value Fixed Position Size Position Size80 of Equity Initial Capital Final Capital 1439280.40 Backtest Period 01-Jan-2008 to 01-Jan-2008 to Timeframe 1 Minute. Can you count Final capital for the second one?