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guaranteed by a central authority, could be used to speed up information sharing between regulators to improve their monitoring of the financial system. She said cooperation between countries would be vital for staging an effective crackdown in future because cryptocurrencies have no borders. Carney has said, however, that it is unlikely at this stage that international action will be taken to regulate digital currencies, meaning the task will fall to individual countries. Christine Lagarde has called for a crackdown on bitcoin by using the technology behind the digital currency to fight fire with fire. Even-handed approach, before crypto-assets can transform financial activity in a meaningful and lasting way, they must earn the confidence and support of consumers and authorities. The Bank will present a report to the G20 in Argentina this month, with Carney hinting at greater controls and detailing how the central bank has tested ways to use the technology in the British payments system. The underlying technology of crypto-assetsdistributed ledger technology, or DLTcould help financial markets function more efficiently. She pointed to the IMF's Special Drawing Right (SDR a currency the IMF created to serve as an international reserve asset, that could incorporate technology similar to cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin has received an unexpected boost from Christine Lagarde, after the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) detailed the global benefits of cryptocurrency. We can harness the potential of crypto-assets while ensuring that they never become a haven for illegal activity or a source of financial vulnerability. Lagarde didn't rule out that the IMF could at some point develop its own cryptocurrency. "It's a lot more than that as well.". A better balance, in my view, the fintech revolution will not eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries, such as brokers and bankers.