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the relationships between different cryptocurrencies, significant coherence is observed in the medium and long term between Bitcoin and Litecoin, which it is believed is due to their similarity. Relationships in the medium term are much less erratic than those observed in the short term.

Phillips P, Wu Y,. Preferably I would like to be able to have both of these keys signing through a nano (if that changes anything).

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It is likely the market price will reflect the event quicker than social media; social media may experience a longer interval of discussion and activity relating to the original event and resulting price change. It can be used to identify regions in time-frequency space where the two time series being examined move in a similar way, though they do not necessarily display high power. Fig 1 shows the price series evolution for each cryptocurrency considered. Furthermore, the Bitcoin subreddit considered in this work r/Bitcoin) is commonly used as a platform for the community to debate a variety of contentious scaling solutions that would enable the Bitcoin network to process more transactions concurrently. One example is the negative correlation that occurs between Ethereum and its associated factors around June 2016 (left facing arrows at the top and just left of the horizontal middle of the Ethereum scalograms). For example, on August 22nd, AlphaBay Market, a dark-net market, announced they would start accepting Monero-based transactions. Then using the daily data, the percentage change of each day in a week from the first day of the week is calculated; these percentage changes are then applied to the weekly data to build a daily time series over a longer period. In addition, for the first time, wavelet coherence is used to explore the relationships between different cryptocurrencies. Without any central authority issuing the currency, it has been associated with controversy ever since its popularity and public interest reached high levels. 3.2 Coherence between different cryptocurrencies An interesting avenue to explore is the wavelet coherence between different cryptocurrencies, allowing any relationships between different cryptocurrencies to be detected and documented.