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with the version bit. There are two slack channels on tcoincore. Its a mechanism where the activation time of a soft fork occurs on a specified date enforced by full nodes, a concept sometimes referred to as the economic majority. Miners always have the freedom to produce blocks following any rules they wish, but if they fall out of consensus with the economic nodes, their blocks will be rejected by the network. Setting uacomment is not enough to follow the BIP148 chain and its absolutely necessary to switch to a BIP148 enforcing node if you want to stupport BIP148! A soft fork will result in a converged chain if the majority of hashpower enforces its rules. The signalling process is just to coordinate when a supermajority of hashrate has upgraded, nodes can then activate and begin enforcing the new rules. Run a BIP148 border node to filter out invalid blocks, and update their existing mining software to produce blocks with version 1 bit enabled, to vote for Segwit activation. This economic incentive pushes miners to enforce the new rules. If they do not, it can cause various invalid chains on the network.

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A uasf in no way impedes the operation of non-upgraded miners, nor disenfranchises them in any way. A vast majority of the nodes currently deployed are aware of the BIP9 signalling for SegWit. Link for reference:. Miners will find it difficult to sell their coins leading economically motivated miners to start enforcing BIP148. Theoretically, if the hashpower drops by up to 85, it might take up to 13 weeks to complete an activation period. The only requirement for miners is to not build on top of blocks that are invalid under the SegWit rules. Uasf Signaling sourced from ltylemon. It is recommended that users do not update unless an economic majority commits to updating and users are aware of the risks and mitigations of a failed uasf deployment. Both sides of a chain split will produce slower than normal blocks until the difficulty period resets. What do users need to do to enforce BIP148?

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