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holder of Bitcoin has. Our trend model is on sell signals across the board on both time frames, and the bearish pressures are still apparent on the charts, even considering the lengthy consolidation period. Patience is still the name of the game for crypto investors, since there is no evidence of a broader trend change that would justify a more constructive investment position. Ripple and Stellar have been showing some positive signs last week, but they both failed to make significant technical progress, confirming the segment-wide selling pressure. Andreas Antonopoulos: A Bitcoin ETF is Inevitable, but Damaging appeared first on, cCN. The major cryptocurrencies are slightly lower today in early trading, as Sundays modest rally faded away without major technical progress. Temporary gains, but Long-Term Pain, antonopoulos acknowledges the sudden impact of ETF in situations where they have been applied in the past. But I think it is a terrible idea. The bearish broader setup is unchanged in ETHs market, with the coin still being relatively weak among the majors.

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Rather, their rights and powers contribute to what would become an enormous concentration of power in the hands of the custodians who hold the keys. In the long run, decision making processes within the ecosystem will lose its original democratization. Some users control their own private keys, while others rely on cryptocurrency exchanges and custodial wallets to store their money, making them second-tier. As CryptoGlobe covered, a lot of speculation surrounds the financial instrument, so much so that when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the Winklevoss twins application, Bitcoins price dropped over.5. For now, the short-term sell signal remains in place due to the lack of follow-through, and traders should be cautious with new positions. That said, we havent seen strong negative momentum either, and although the bearish long-term setups remain intact, there is no immediate danger of new bear market lows in the segment. The custodians, by voting on behalf of the users, could make the most beneficial decision for their own interests, as they are the real holders of Bitcoin.

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